Best Super Bowl Commercials 2015: Dog & Dads Duke It Out in Cryfest (WATCH)

dog budweiser commercialThey'll make you laugh; they'll make you cry. Either way, for many viewers, the commercials are the most eagerly-anticipated part of the Super Bowl


When you're a company spending $4.5 million for a 30-second spot, you really want to pack a punch. And, boy did they! Though we must admit, at different points it felt like the Patriots-Seahawks matchup was brought to you by Zoloft, (what was up with all those downer dad ads?), it was great to see some light-hearted moments alongside really important messages. Let's take a look at some of the best ads of Super Bowl XLIX.

Kicking it off, Lindsay Lohan's 'Sorta Your Mom' esurance ad proves the troubled actress can have a laugh at herself and the miles she's admittedly clocked. 

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Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel also poked fun at their younger selves, when, just 21 years ago, the journalists struggled to comprehend the internet. Today, it's the wind-powered BMW i3 -- a newfangled idea -- that's confounding the duo. 

You never know where versatile actor Steve Buscemi will pop up next but impersonating Jan Brady probably wasn't high on your list. Yet there he is in a hysterical Snickers ad featuring Danny Trejo to the delight of Brady Bunch and Sons of Anarchy fans everywhere.

Just when you'd finally dried your tears from last year's Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, that adorable pup and the proud Clydesdales who love him are at it again! Can you blame them? That little dog is cuter than Tom Brady.


You know something's off when an ad for avocados from Mexico is one of the most entertaining commercials of the night. And yet, who didn't say, "Awww!" when that kangaroo and koala high-fived?

While the Nissan ad, set to Harry Chapin's Cats in the Cradle, felt like a Paul Thomas Anderson film and was super depressing, it packed a powerful message. No matter how cool your career might be, your kids would rather have your company than bragging rights. Absentee dads, take note. 


Dorito's "Middle Seat" ad shows how important a well-placed baby carrier can be. Fake out on this guy!

Esurance scored again -- especially with Breaking Bad fans who've been jonesin' for a Walter White fix. 

This anti-domestic violence commercial, titled "No More" and based on a real-life 911 call, is absolutely chilling. Let's hope the NFL is listening. 

We LOVE the message in the Always #LikeaGirl commercial. Spot on!

Liam Neeson appealed to kids and parents alike in this Clash of Clans ad that channels his characters from Taken and Non-Stop. Don't cross AngryNeeson52!

Dodge brought us a bit of badass wisdom from some unlikely sources -- centenarians! Featuring real, feisty old people and their hard-won advice, this car commercial was inspiring and fun at the same time. 

How awesome does this Real Life PacMan game look? Imagine that cool setup in your backyard this summer? Sign us up, Bud Light!

You have to hand it to this crafty kid who engineers a flying pig just to get his hands on some Doritos. Once again, the chip maker doesn't disappoint. 

We have to give a shout out to that Chevy ad that aired just before kick off and had everyone freaking out thinking their television was busted. Fooled us!

Which commercial was your favorite? 

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