Steamy 'Bachelor' Sneak Peek Shows Chris Soules ... Doing Things to Carly (VIDEO)

Carly Waddell Chris Soules

Whoa. Up until now, things have been pretty vanilla on The Bachelor, since Chris Soules really hasn't done much more than make out with the majority of the women in the house. But in a sneak peek for Monday's episode? Um, we probably shouldn't get our hopes up or anything, but the clip leads us to believe that Chris has sex with Carly Waddell, given the fact that the two of them are seen undressing and heard panting.


Check it out.


Please excuse me while I go take a cold shower!

Chris and Carly definitely seem to be getting pretty hot and heavy in this video, though something tells me this is most likely a case of them doing some type of role playing or photo shoot than actually sealing the deal.

Um, why on earth would they let cameras get that close to them if they were really getting ready to have sex?

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And I know Carly looks like she's enjoying herself, but doesn't something about the situation seem kind of staged? Oh, and as for the part where we see Chris closing the door to what appears to be a hotel bedroom, if I had to guess, I'd say he's merely turning in for the night after being out on a date, by himself.

You gotta love ABC's clever way of editing things to make them seem WAY more dramatic than they actually are.

But who are we kidding? We're totally more excited to watch the next episode even if the only sex we're gonna see is fake sex. (Hey, it's better than no sex, right?)

On the off-chance they did do the deed, however? Oh man! Let's hope Chris is ready for the sheer rage and flood of tears that is likely coming his way! It could get pretty ugly, people!

Do you think Chris and Carly really get it on?


Image via BachelorTV/YouTube

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