8 'Parenthood' Moments That Made Us All Want to Be a Braverman (VIDEOS)

Tonight marks the last chance to catch a fresh glimpse of the Braverman clan as Parenthood comes to a close in the series finale. We've laughed, we've cried, and we've laughed while we cried with this family that has pulled at our heartstrings since its premiere in 2010.


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Since we're getting all nostalgic about saying goodbye to one of the best shows on TV, let's take a look back at some of the best Braverman moments that made us want to put ourselves up for adoption if only they would take us in.

1. It isn't actually a scene, but we get the warm fuzzies during the opening credits when the family sits down for an al fresco dinner together, sharing food and laughs. And that theme song -- "Forever Young" -- who can resist singing along?

2. Remember the first time Alex went to the Braverman house for dinner and impressed the hell out of them? Yeah, we loved that almost as much as Adam and Kristina's subsequent conversation about what a great guy he is ... just not for Haddie.

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3. And this sweet moment when Crosby builds Julia up as she's having doubts about adopting Victor gets us every time.

4. The scene in which Amber introduces Baby Zeek to Big Zeek may have been the best scene the show ever had because it captures Parenthood's true essence. For Zeek, having that baby named after him was the ultimate payoff and acknowledgement for all of his years of parenting.

5. Zeek collapses in Vegas but still convinces Crosby, Adam, and Sarah to join him at the card tables.

6. Haddie coming out to Kristina was raw and real, and Kristina's reaction was just perfection.

7. Earlier in the series when Max is diagnosed as having Asperger's and breaks down during a camping trip, the scene Kristina and Adam share in the car on the way home from picking him up is unforgettable.

8. And, finally, any scene where the Braverman siblings prove they absolutely cannot keep a secret from one another. Love this tight knit bunch so much!

What is your favorite scene from Parenthood?

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