Sean Lowe's 'Bachelor' Secrets Reveal What REALLY Happens Behind the Scenes

bachelor sean lowe catherine giudiciWe've witnessed 19 seasons of The Bachelor and 10 seasons of The Bachelorette, and throughout the years, we find ourselves asking the same questions: what really goes on behind the scenes? What exactly does Chris Harrison do all day? The Stir sat down with former Bachelor Sean Lowe for the release of his book, For the Right Reasons, to chat all about his time filming, the "journey" of love, and the infamous host.


We first met Sean on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, but the blonde former football player was later given his own season as the leading man. That's where he met his now-wife, Catherine, and now, a quick two years later, he's an author.

Check out what Lowe revealed about his time as the Bachelor:

On "days off" during filming:

Lowe: As a Bachelor, they've got the schedule so tightly compacted that the only days off are your travel days, so when you're flying from one foreign country to another. So it's so exhausting because you're waking up early to start these dates that last all day, and you don't wrap until midnight sometimes. On the other hand, as a contestant on The Bachelorette, you're hanging out with a bunch of dudes and you might go on one date a week. We were in a mansion, hanging out by the pool, catching some sun. It was like one huge vacation whereas The Bachelor was like, "Oh my gosh, I might die of exhaustion."

On Chris Harrison:

He is so awesome. He has the best job in the history of jobs. I know he's busy doing other things, but he will literally play golf during the week and then he'll show up for the rose ceremony. And I know he gets paid a really handsome paycheck, but he's just a total guy's guy. He's a Dallas guy like myself, and he loves sports, and he's just a dude. I like to think I'm a dude too. So we crack jokes, most of which are inappropriate and hilarious. It's just me and Harrison, hanging out as buddies, and then the cameras come on and he's just Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor. He's so professional and good at his job.

I'll give you a great example of Chris Harrison. I texted him last night and said, "As long as Bachelor people don't care, would you mind just tweeting about my book?" And he's like, "I don't care if they care. I'm going to tweet about it anyway." He just goes out of his way to help me always and that's the type of guy he is.

On a future Bachelor:

Everyone always talks about [Chris Harrison as the Bachelor] and I would love to see that. If that ever happens, I just hope they allow me to take Harrison's spot because I would love to play golf all week and show up during the rose ceremony.

People have realized he's witty and funny and has this dry sense of humor. A lot of chicks would dig him, for sure.

On his off-camera personality:

Oh, I also love inappropriate jokes. I try to show my wit and humor on the show, but you're always conscious there are cameras there. There are certain things you can't say because you know they're not PC or you'd get killed in the media if you said it. I don't think people realize that I have this dark sense of humor. 

On his secret rendezvous with Catherine:

That's very, very uncommon and I had to beg and plead with the producers to go see her because they don't want any interaction off-camera. They don't want to miss a thing and they're so strict about that. But it's the night before the engagement day and I'm freaking out. What a milestone in my day it is! I knew I was in love with Catherine and I knew what I wanted to do, but I had to make sure that we were rock solid on a few points that we had discussed, but I wanted to discuss in greater depth.

So finally, I convinced the producer and he said, "I'm only going to let you talk to her for 15 minutes. I'm only giving you 15 minutes. You have to promise me that you won't give her any indication, one way or the other, that you're going to propose to her." So I promised and I went into her room and was like, "This is what I need in a wife," and I think I freaked her out. I was freaking out! But everything that she promised she would do, she's done and more.

Are you surprised producers let Sean talk to Catherine off-camera?


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