Latest Jenelle Evans Plastic Surgery Rumor Is Pretty Scary to Think About

Jenelle Evans

Apparently we were way too busy oohing and ahhing over her gorgeous new blond locks yesterday to notice, but there's a new rumor suggesting that Jenelle Evans had lip injections. Yep. According to The Ashley's Reality TV Roundup, Jenelle had the procedure done in a plastic surgeon's office on Tuesday, so we can probably expect her pout to look a bit plumper the next time she shows off her duck face.


And while it's not totally impossible to believe that Jenelle had fillers put in to make her lips more voluptuous, was the procedure really all that necessary?

Even though she's puckering up in the photo above, don't you think her lips look pretty damn good just the way they are? Why would she even bother risking having work done, when there's always a chance that she could wind up with a botched mouth like Farrah Abraham?

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OMG. Even though she's since had them fixed, Farrah's lip mishap presented us with an image we may never be able to erase from our minds. We definitely don't wish her horrific results on anyone else.

I mean, didn't Jenelle see this before making the decision to visit the plastic surgeon?

Farrah Abraham


For her sake, let's hope so, or let's at least keep our fingers crossed that the rumor is false and Jenelle's lips still look exactly like they always have.

Would you be surprised if Jenelle had lip injections?


Images via j_evans8209/Instagram; Twitter

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