Amanda Peet Was Really Wrong About Her Husband's Show 'Game of Thrones' (VIDEO)

amanda peet game of thronesShockingly, sometimes the wife isn't always right. Insanity, right? And in this case, the wife was 100,000,000 percent incorrect in her convictions. Amanda Peet, married to co-creator of Game of Thrones David Benioff since 2006, thought that Game of Thrones was a "terrible" idea and advised him against creating it.

"Yes, I thought it was a terrible idea," Peet admitted to Conan O'Brien on Monday. "Terrible. Just silly. Dungeons and dragons but with real people."


Pause for reaction from the millions of crazy fans who are legit obsessed with this HBO show.

Yes, dungeons and dragons with real people! That's what makes the show so awesome! (Minus of course the insane plot twists, incredible acting, and for those who enjoy that type of thing, all the on-screen sex and violence.) She affably mentioned that she's now "obsessed" with the show too, but she could possess some information that could be crazy valuable to any GoT superfan. Apparently she went into Benioff's office and was able to see storyboards for the next season!! But she ran out with her eyes covered so she wouldn't spoil it for herself. Damn.

"That’s how my wife talks to me, but for different reasons," O’Brien responded.

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Check out the shocking(!), revelatory(!), controversial(!) interview here:

Even though Peet could have made the biggest blunder in television history by convincing her husband not to make Game of Thrones, isn't she awesome and so down to Earth? The gorgeous actress is known for her work in 2012, Something's Gotta Give, The Good Wife, and Saving Silverman.

Regardless, thank goodness her husband did not take her advice.

The fifth season of Game of Thrones premieres April 12.

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? What are you hoping to see most during the fifth season?


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