'Bachelor' Front-Runner's Despicable Lie Could Totally Break Chris Soules' Heart

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As far as Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor is concerned, have you picked your favorites yet out of the ladies in the house? Even though the show just got started, it's pretty clear that front-runners are emerging, some of whom are more likable than others. And while the general consensus seems to be that Chris is pretty smitten with her, there is some speculation that Britt Nilsson is vying to be the next Bachelorette as opposed to winning Chris' heart.


While it might be a bit of a stretch, Celeb Dirty Laundry is wondering whether Britt ever had any intention of getting romantically involved with Chris, instead using her on-camera time to make sure she stands out, whether that be in a negative or positive light. Oh, and in addition to her waitressing gig, apparently Britt has some acting experience, so this little theory isn't all that far-fetched.

On the last episode, you could tell that poor Chris was really taken aback by the fact that Britt used her one-on-one time with him to complain about why he's giving certain women roses instead of focusing on developing the relationship she has with him.

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And honestly, all of us watching at home were kind of blown away too. I mean, don't these chicks watch the show from season to season? And haven't they learned that the kiss of death for being sent home is to bitch and moan about the other women in the house?

Britt seems like a smart enough gal to know better, so we almost have to wonder if she really is creating drama simply for the sake of making sure she's a hot topic of conversation this season. (Hey, it worked for Ashley Salter, right?)

Chris is such a warm, genuine guy that it's tough to imagine any of the ladies trying to mislead him in the hopes of scoring a reality TV show or other career in showbiz. But if that's really what's going on with Britt? Let's just hope Chris figures it out before it's too late.

Do you think Britt is truly into Chris?


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