Leah Calvert's Suspicious Twitter Activity May Mean Trouble for Her & Jeremy

Leah CalvertWhat in the world is going on with Jeremy Calvert and his wife Leah Calvert these days? It seems like the Teen Mom 2 stars have been all over the map recently, relationship-wise. Last we heard, they were trying to work things out, but could Leah have changed her mind again?


Or, maybe her mind is just firmly made up. The mom-of-three recently re-tweeted a message from an account called Best of Taurus on Twitter, referencing her astrological sign. The message was, "Trying to change a #Taurus mind is exactly like talking to a brick wall."

But what does it mean?? Is it possible Jeremy wants out, but she won't let him go? Even though he's reportedly not talking to Brittany Musick anymore, there was that weird random tweet-favoriting incident the other day.

In case you haven't been following along, Musick is the alleged Other Woman in this little scenario, even though the two apparently never met in public. He did, however, send her a picture of his man parts, which was confirmed by Leah over direct messages with Brit to be Jeremy. I know, the situation is all sorts of messed up.

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We really want these two crazy kids to work it out, and it's obvious to anyone that's seen even a few episodes of the show that Leah has a stubborn streak that she's going to need to get over. It's hard to make relationships work if you aren't willing to change your mind about things now and then.

Hmmm, come to think of it, Jeremy seems to have his own stubborn streak ... when's his birthday? January 6 -- which makes him a Capricorn. If you're one to believe in astrological signs, that makes Leah and Jeremy a bull and a goat ... no wonder they're always locking horns bickering.

Do you think adaptibility is key to making relationships work? Will Jeremy and Leah be able to work it out?


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