'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards' Hospital Visit Is SO Shady

real housewives of beverly hills

So, this week, after her explosive stoned battle with Kyle Richards, Kim Richards was MIA for much of this week's episode. Whyfore? Because -- according to Kyle -- she was in the hospital for a potential ulcer. Hmmm. Methinks I smell a rat. 


Kim Richards has struggled with alcoholism and drug use openly on the show and in her private life. Lately, it seems as though she'd found some happiness. She was even able to welcome her first husband Monty into her home and care for him while he was going through chemo therapy for potentially terminal cancer. On top of that? She was also planning a wedding! So, god help me for admitting this to the case, Brandi Glanville had a point when she said Kim was under a lot of pressure. 

But you know what? That's no reason for her to blunder and undo all the hard work it took for her to get well. The  morning after the embarrassing party, Kim was off the radar and -- according to her sister -- at the hospital undergoing a battery of tests. To me it felt less like a medical emergency and more like an embarrassed cover for her fall off the wagon and out of everyone's good graces.

I don't mean to vilify Kim. Like I said, she's got a lot going on and addiction is an illness -- a particularly perfidious one at that! But there are things that can help addicts, like embracing honesty and turning to your support system. Kyle is always there for Kim (whatever Brandi might think) and she should have turned to her, or at least to one of her more level-headed friends -- like Lisa Vanderpump -- if she felt she was entering dangerous territory. I hope whatever is causing Kim pain is solved for her good and the good of her family and friends.

What did you think of Kim's hospital visit?


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