'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin's Surprising Parenting Secret Is Totally Genius

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When I think of Kate Gosselin, I don't necessarily think of her being someone I can relate to at all. At least, not until this week's episode of her show! 


I mean, in addition to have eight kids (a journey being chronicled in Kate Plus 8), she also lives her life in front of a camera which has got to be ten types of difficult. Suffice to say, I've just quietly assumed that she had sort of super-power that I could hope to achieve and left it at that. Kate Gosselin and her crew = fun to watch, but in no way applicable to my daily life. Until I saw this week's episode The Room Project. Kate talked about the secret to managing her massive household and it's one that everybody can relate to and learn from.

This week Kate undertook the massive endeavor of moving the twin girls into their own rooms, while preparing two other rooms (including one unfinished basement) for her little boys and girls. This would be a hard enough task with just one or two kids floating around, I still can't quite wrap my head around how Kate handled it with such aplomb. 

She seemed to have no problem keeping her cool (and she had SHINGLES AT THE TIME, THAT IS INSANE) until the kids started school. Then, with her routine completely dismantled, Kate admitted that without a strict schedule and routine, the entire household suffers. I love that she pointed out that she doesn't think this because she wants to be militaristic or anything -- she knows that routine equals stability which equals a feeling of safety which equals happiness. In the chaos of daily life, I think the importance of a routine -- not just for kids but for parents too -- is something we can forget if we're not careful!

Do your kids crave order?


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