'Bachelor' Star Ashley S. Might Be Engaged -- No, Seriously! (PHOTO)

Ashley Salter and boyfriend

What. The. HECK?!? None of us were the least bit surprised when Chris Soules did not give Ashley Salter a rose this week, you know, given the fact that she came off as totally insane on the camping group date. And then there was her awkward exit, where she declared that she felt "nothing" when she was dumped by Chris. Well, apparently the woman is capable of feeling something, because she shared a photo a couple days ago with what appears to be an engagement ring on her hand.


No, I'm not shitting you. Check it out.



A photo posted by Ashley Salter (@absalt) onJan 24, 2015 at 6:21am PST


Um, I have a question. Does this Mike dude have any idea what he's getting into? Wait a minute, of course he does. Obviously he's seen the show by now in addition to the pure crazy that Ash unleashed on Chris, so he must be pretty darn into her if he (maybe) put a ring on her finger despite her bizarre antics.

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Hmm. It almost makes you wonder how long, exactly, the two of them have been seeing each other? You see where I'm going with this, right? Duh. There's no way this chick is really as nuts as she presented herself to be, which means there's a decent chance she and Mikey were already an item when she went on The Bachelor in an attempt to audition for The Walking Dead or whatever.

Oh come on, plenty of guys have gone on The Bachelorette with girlfriends back home. Why should we expect any less from some of the women who wind up being cast?

But if that's not the case, there's only one other plausible explanation. Dare I say it? Could Ashley possibly have been a producer plant? You know, like an actress ABC hired to play the part of the crazy-as-all-get-out chick who would help drum up ratings?

Food for thought, people.

What do you make of Ashley's "engagement"?


Image via absalt/Instagram

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