Jeremy Calvert's Alleged Fling Might Not Be Over Just Yet

Leah Calvert, Jeremy CalvertOh man. Last we heard, Jeremy Calvert had moved back in with his wife, Leah Calvert, and the two were making another go at it. The Teen Mom 2 mom-of-three even posted lovey-dovey pictures of her and Jeremy on New Year's Eve! But Jeremy's latest shady move on Twitter may mean that things aren't as over with his alleged mistress as we thought they were.


Brittany Musick has been milking her 15 minutes of fame ever since she got caught sexting with Jeremy while he and Leah were supposedly separated. He sent her a picture of his junk, which Leah later verified when the two of them talked via direct message when she was trying to find out the truth about her hubby's wayward ways.

Jeremy's been off social media for a few months, but recently reactivated his account, and unfollowed Musick. Great sign, right? Well, we don't know what the heck happened, but for some reason, he favorited one of Musick's tweets.

Musick shared a screenshot of Jeremy having favorited her tweet, but upon examination of his account after she posted this, he appears to have un-favorited it.

But you know, Brit still had to share, not like she cares or anything, as evidenced by the laughing-so-hard-its-crying emoji. Oh, how did we express emotion before emoji?

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Anyway, we're hoping that the favoriting was accidental, because we hate to think that Jeremy still has a thing for Brittany while he's trying to work it out with Leah. If he really doesn't want to be with Leah, then the honorable thing to do is break it off with her, instead of pretending like he wants to reconcile. But if he really does want another shot with the mother of his child, he needs to knock the Twitter stalking off.

Do you think Jeremy is still acting sketchy on social media?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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