Juan Pablo Galavis Cruelly Insults Andi Dorfman but 'It's OK!'

Juan Pablo Galavis Andi Dorfman

Regardless of who initiated the breakup, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are probably both still feeling a bit sensitive about the split, especially given how public their relationship was. The last thing either of them needs is people rubbing the end of their engagement in their faces, but unfortunately, some folks just can't resist. Juan Pablo Galavis threw shade at Andi on Twitter with a comment that was blatantly meant to upset her.


OMG. Staaahhhhp! I'm not sure whether to laugh out loud or feel really, REALLY bad for Andi that he even had the balls to go there. (Again.)

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On the one hand, I guess we can't blame Juan Pablo for putting that comment out there, given how Andi totally lost her cool and overreacted after their fantasy suite date on The Bachelor. Oh yes, she did. I still maintain that more went on in that fantasy suite than Andi was willing to admit; otherwise, she wouldn't have been so adamant about ripping him a new one. If she didn't care about the dude, she would've gotten in a limo as fast as she could to get the hell outta Dodge.

But then again, the poor woman is in the midst of trying to move on after a failed engagement, so the tweet was probably a little out of line. Ok, maybe a lot.

Given Andi's "I'm a total bad ass" personality, however, I'm sure upon seeing said tweet, she rolled her eyes, gave Juan Pabs the virtual middle finger, and mumbled "kiss my ass" under her breath a couple times. Would you really expect anything less?

Do you think Juan Pablo's tweet was mean?


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