'Bachelor' Recap: Ashley I.'s Odd Confession Totally Freaks Out Chris Soules


Ashley Iaconetti

Ugh. Before we even talk about what happened on tonight's episode of The Bachelor, can I just go ahead and speak for the masses by saying it's a total buzz kill that Ashley S. was sent home? Sure, she's crazy as hell (or at least wants us to think she is) -- but the entertainment value of the show just took a freakin' nose dive with her departure. And speaking of Ashleys, how uncomfortable was Ashley I.'s conversation with Chris Soules?


Wait, make that conversations. Good grief. If cornering him in a tent and spewing all sorts of gibberish wasn't bad enough, hearing Ashley finally tell Chris she's a virgin at the cocktail party was seriously painful to watch.

Um, I honestly didn't know whether to feel totally sorry for her when he got up and walked away right after her confession or stand up and cheer with a huge round of applause!

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I gotta say, out of any Bachelor to date, Chris really does seem not only the most "normal," but also the most sincere and true to himself. Dude was completely weirded out upon hearing the "V" word, and instead of trying to play it cool, he quickly ended the conversation and took a hike! (You gotta love it.)

Oh, and how about the whole princess date thing? I honestly thought Ashley I. was going to lose her shit when Jade got the Cinderella experience instead of her. No wannabe Kardashian should be forced to endure such torture.

And I guess that brings us to Britt's awkward conversation with Chris. Um, haven't these women watched the show enough to know that the last thing you should do when you snag alone time with The Bachelor is to bitch and moan about the other chicks?? (Bunch of amateurs this time around.)

As for the preview of next week's episode? Um, who else can't wait to tune in? Nothing quite spells entertaining reality TV like the paramedics being called.

How much longer do you think Chris will keep Ashley I.?


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