Blake Shelton's 'Bachelor' Parody on 'SNL' Will Totally Make You LOL! (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton SNL

OMG! Please tell me you happened to catch Blake Shelton's Bachelor sketch on Saturday Night Live this past weekend! I don't care how big of a fan of the show you are -- it's pretty impossible to deny that certain aspects of it are, well, kind of a bunch of bullsh**. And while Blake's SNL parody was no doubt intended to poke fun at Chris Soules' season, it does a pretty bang-up job of summarizing everything we love to hate about the show in general.



Um, hilarious, right? Ok, so maybe they overdid it just a tad on the "I'm a porn star" thing, but other than that, the skit is totally spot on!

Especially as far as Chris is concerned, these chicks seem to hang on his every word (even when he really doesn't say all that much).

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Seriously, he probably could come right out with a line like, "I like kids and I'm horny," and the ladies in the house wouldn't even flinch.

Wait, you're right. Ashley Salter's head would probably spin around until pea soup came out and Ashley Iaconetti's eyelashes would most likely fall off. But other than that, I'm guessing Chris would be met with nothing but googly eyes and giggles.

Did this sketch make you laugh?


Image via SNL

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