'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Brown's New Woman Could Be a Disaster

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This week on Sister Wives, Kody Brown moved his mother-in-law Annie into the home he shares with his wife Christine Brown and ohhhhh mama was there ever tension. 


Strangely, it wasn't between Kody and Annie, or even Kody and Christine (which would be par for the course with the way the season has been going for those two). The real tension was between the sister wives themselves! That's because Annie's move into the family proper was to help take care of the kids, and that's something the sister wives used to really relish doing for each other. It was just one more very emotional episode in a season of extremely tense and emotional episodes. It feels to me like the family is on the verge of a breaking point -- or a breakdown! 

Christine really, really was hurt by Robyn's decision to hire a babysitter rather than trying to make their schedules work so that they could all mind each other's children. But, you know, Christine knows it's inevitable -- heck, she brought her mom in this week for the same thing! When talking about this, it was plain that each and every single one of the wives feels that their lives as a family have changed -- and not necessarily for the better.

While it was heartbreaking to hear how deeply her mother's departure from polygamy impacted Christine, it also got me thinking: With her mother at home 24/7 now, will Christine turn against Kody for good? They've had a lot of friction lately, and with her oldest girls moving out, it's natural that Christine would re-evaluate -- especially if her life in plural marriage has let her down to the extent she's made it seem that it has lately. 

Do you think Christine should stay or leave? Why?


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