'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Claudia Jordan Does Something No Girlfriend Should

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Claudia Jordan might be the new queen of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but even I, her erstwhile biggest fan (Providence, Rhode Island, REPRESENT), have to admit that this week, she might have gone, how you say, a little too far?


That's how you say it: A little too far. Claudia revealed her 15-year-long friendship with Kordell Stewart, Porsha's ex! That's not all, she flirted up a storm with the man and he made it clear that if she's amenable to a date, he'd be there with bells on -- which I mean figuratively, not literally BECAUSE I AM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE USING LITERALLY INCORRECTLY, Y'ALL. 

Hopefully what happens in Charlotte stays in Charlotte -- I know this is also what Kenya "Twirl" Moore was hoping would happen when she ingested roughly $30 worth of fast food en route to Peter Thomas' opening of his latest venture, Bar 1 Sports. Side note on the name: It is terrible and makes no sense. You can call your bar Bar 1 only if you have one of them. If you have more than one bar, their numbers should follow suit, or you should, you know, NAME THEM SOMETHING ELSE. I have no idea why this has filled me with ire. I blame the impending snow storm. 

At this opening celebration, as Cynthia Bailey nervously flitted about in a terrible fedora grabbing Peter's face and dramatically intoning about his success, Claudia and Kordell reconnected. They were doing just fine on their own, but Kenya decided to do her worst Millionaire Matchmaker impression and beat them both over the head with the idea of each other. Her ridiculous nature managed to momentarily detract from the potential drama -- but not for long. It's well known that Claudia does not care for the cut of Porsha Stewart's job. Going after her man? That's pretty intense payback. Such a low blow could lower Claudia in my estimation.

What do you think Claudia is planning?


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