Couples Are Going to Have Sex in a Box for New Reality Show (VIDEO)

sex boxThe best show ever is coming to television. Ever, I tell you. It's about sex. It's not anything like Sex and the City. Or Girls. Or Fifty Shades of Grey the TV version. It's a reality show called Sex Box where couples have sex in a box and then talk about it.


Sounds insane! Sounds perverted! Sounds too risque for TV. But it's not. It's perfect. It's going to help couples have better sex, and having better sex means connecting more, loving more, and therefore putting more love into the world, and maybe this is just what we all need to have some more peace, love, and understanding.

Hey, I can dream big.

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Sex Box is going to be on WE tv, featuring real couples with some issues who will get it on in a box (large enough to be called a windowless room plopped in the middle of the studio where the show is filmed). The issues they have revolve around intimacy, honesty, and trust. After the lovemaking, they come out and talk about what went down (and up) in the box. It's perfect for those who like to cuddle and talk post-coitus, but I hope they offer a cup of coffee for those who tend to just fall asleep. There is no time limit, but egads the pressure! Or maybe the whole thing of knowing that there are a bunch of relationship experts and an audience waiting for you to finish outside the box is a big turn-on. (Hey, people are turned on by far worse.)

The post-sex interview is clever -- the experts know a thing or two about this. It makes people more vulnerable, more open to spill all. Drama ensues! Secrets spilled! All of it makes for great TV. And so we, the viewers, get to hear all the dirt in order for the couple to have a resolution. Maybe we'll even learn a thing or two. Or get oddly turned on and head to our own box to have sex. Define box however you want.

Sex Box premieres on WE tv on Friday, February 27 at 10 p.m.

Will you be watching?


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