Farrah Abraham's Gross New Sex Toy Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Farrah AbrahamYou know what the biggest problem with Farrah Abraham's sex toys thus far has been? Even though they've been modeled off the Teen Mom star's junk, they haven't been a life-sized likeness of her. I mean, if guys wanted to really get the whole "Farrah Experience," they had to put on a copy of Backdoor Teen Mom or something.


No more! This intrepid entrepreneur recently took to Twitter to share the latest in her pleasure product line -- an almost life-sized blow-up doll. With her face on the head. The mouth, um, works. At least it looks like it works. I am unfamiliar in the ways of blow-up sex dolls (amen).

Why?? Who is buying these things? Scratch that -- we don't even want to know.

While most of us are embarrassed for Farrah to even offer this product, the reality star proudly promoted it at AVN 2015 (a sex toy expo in Las Vegas) and with the nearly one million people who follow her on Twitter. We can't unsee it.

But hey -- it's a free country. Farrah has every right to create and market a sex doll with her face on it. People have every right to purchase one. And we have every right to sit over here in silence judging them all.

Are you surprised Farrah now has a blow-up doll or just surprised it took this long?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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