Leah Calvert's Alleged Drug Use Saga Takes a Totally Unexpected Turn


Leah Calvert

Now that a judge has ruled that she and Corey Simms will share custody of their twins, Ali and Aleeah, Leah Calvert is probably breathing a little sigh of relief, simply because she isn't living in fear of losing her girls altogether. But it turns out the road to successfully co-parenting with Corey was even rockier than we imagined, as Leah was forced to take a drug test before the custody outcome was decided.


According to In Touch, the hair follicle test came back negative, and not surprisingly, Leah was "ecstatic" over the results. Apparently she's also hell bent and determined to "make a complete turnaround," in the hopes that she never finds herself battling Miranda and Corey over the girls again.

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Hmm. Doesn't this make you wonder if the drug use rumors surrounding Leah were ever true in the first place? I mean, if someone really has an addiction, it's kind of hard for them to kick it to the curb cold turkey. Maybe all of the stories about Leah abusing prescription drugs are nothing but a bunch of bullsh**?

But regardless of whether there's any truth to the claims or not, thankfully Leah passed her test and has ample custody of her twins and is back together with Jeremy ... wait, WHAT?

Yeah. The status of their marriage is still kind of a mystery. But hey, at least we know she's clean and ready to get her life back on the right track if nothing else.

Do you think Leah ever had a drug problem?


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