Javi Marroquin's Message for Kailyn Lowry Has Us Totally Confused

Javi Marroquin

For weeks now, it's been pretty darn obvious that there's trouble brewing in paradise for Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry. She's shared numerous photos where her wedding ring is absent from her finger. And then there was the whole bit with her ranting and raving about how hard marriage is. Oh, and as for Javi? Well, he kept on sharing pics of himself with another woman, so we pretty much figured he and Kail were definitely on the outs.


But if that's the case, then what the heck is up with this new Instagram shot?


I'll forever be your #1 fan â�ºï¸ï¿½ð��� @loveandlowry

A photo posted by @javim9 onJan 22, 2015 at 3:37pm PST


OMG. Is this about the sweetest thing we've ever seen him do for Kail or what? I mean, wearing one of her t-shirts would've been a nice enough gesture in itself. But the "I'll forever be your #1 fan" thing? Um, that comment proves that Javi's feelings for Kailyn run a whole lot deeper than we thought.

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Could it be that these two are finally managing to work out their issues and find their way back to each other? (If they ever were truly drifting apart in the first place, that is.)

Of course, I guess we could also take this photo as a goodbye of sorts, meaning that Javi is basically telling Kail he will always support her no matter how their relationship turns out.

But for Kailyn's sake, let's hope Javi's sweet message is a step in the right direction, and that they'll be back in each other's arms and happier than ever in no time. She's certainly fought hard enough for their marriage, so she deserves nothing more than a happy future with her husband.

Do you think Javi and Kail are working things out?


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