Leah Calvert's Meeting With Jeremy's Mistress Is a Disaster in the Making

Leah CalvertLeah and Jeremy Calvert appear to be back together (for the moment -- who knows what's really going on with those two?), but that doesn't mean that his sidepiece Brittany Musick isn't still milking her 15 minutes. The sexting mom of two recently tweeted that she'd be more than willing to appear on an upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.


Despite having her sole claim to fame being that Jeremy Calvert once reportedly sent a picture of his junk to her while he was separated from Leah, Musick seems to think that she'd make for some good TV watching and would be willing to consider making an appearance, for the right price, of course. 

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She took to Twitter recently and floated the possibility of appearing on the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special for the yet to be announced sixth season of the docu-drama. She announced, "I'd prob do it if they paid me good!"

Host Dr. Drew Pinksy isn't one to shy away from controversial guests or topics on the specials, but what exactly would happen if there was a Brittany/Leah confrontation?

The two have reportedly already gone back and forth via direct messages, and Leah confirmed that the man parts sent to Brittany did indeed belong to her husband. They seemed to have ended things as well as possible, and Brit maintains that she hasn't talked to Jeremy in months, and they never even met in real life.

But since Leah barely agreed to sign her contract from MTV for season 6, we're thinking that the execs might not want to include Jeremy's Other Woman -- regardless of how much drama it might create.

Do you think Brittany Musick should be included in future episodes of Teen Mom 2?


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