'Bachelor' Star Accused of Ruining Show's Ending With Telling Photo

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Hmm. After watching this week's episode of The Bachelor, it's pretty safe to say that Chris Soules is falling fast and hard for Whitney Bischoff. And honestly, I guess we can't really blame him. Not only is she smart and drop dead gorgeous, she's also one hell of a good liar, what with how she fooled those wedding guests into thinking she and the bride were BFFs or whatever.


Granted, Reality Steve spoiled all the fun and now we know the whole wedding crash thing was totally staged. Still, it's not like all of the people in attendance actually knew that.

And since we live in a day and age where we have a tendency to share every waking moment of our lives on social media, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised that Whitney shared a photo of herself and Chris from the wedding on Instagram with a cute little caption.


Seems innocent enough, right? WRONG. Some folks are now assuming that Whitney spoiled The Bachelor ending by sharing said photo, you know, because they think it's basically an admission that Chris gave her the final rose.

Huh. On the one hand, it does seem odd for her to post a picture of the two of them kissing if she isn't the gal he's engaged to. I mean, would you really want yet another reminder that the dude you hoped to marry kicked you to the curb and proposed to another chick instead?

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But then again, if Whitney is not Chris' chosen one, she might as well try and milk as many opportunities out of the experience as possible. Duh. Isn't that the only reason these women go on The Bachelor anyhow? (Other than trying to find true love, that is.)

Your turn to weigh in. What do you make of Whitney sharing this photo?


Image via whitb624/Instagram

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