Chris Soules & Whitney's Big Lie Makes Us Question Everything About 'The Bachelor'

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Out of all of the crazy shenanigans that have happened on dates on The Bachelor, by far, Chris Soules and Whitney crashing a wedding had to take the cake as far as the most spontaneous thing to ever take place. I mean, didn't your palms get a little sweaty when Chris and Whit started mingling with the guests and concocting their big lie about how they knew the couple getting hitched? Ugh. Talk about a great acting job.


At least on Whitney's part, that is. Chris looked like he was either going to crack and spill the beans or throw up at any given moment.

But as it turns out, it looks like both Chris and Whitney put on an even bigger front than we thought, though it's not the bride and groom who actually got fooled. Duh. It's all of us at home who actually fell for the whole thing.

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According to Reality Steve, The Bachelor wedding crash was staged, and I'm sure you can probably guess who let the cat out of the bag. Um, it was none other than the newlyweds themselves! In an Instagram post that was later deleted, the bride, Shannon French, said:

The producers contacted our venue and asked about couples getting married in the fall. There were several to choose from but apparently we fit the exact profile they were looking for! They liked our age, story, and the theme of our wedding. Then, the producer "Facebook stalked" us, as she put it, haha, and then she saw that her and I actually had a mutual friend. Since that mutual friend is her best friend (he's literally officiating HER wedding this year!) she decided it was meant to be! Haha!

Gah! Way to ruin it for the rest of us, Shannon! (Kidding.)

Sigh. I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised that the crash was staged, you know, since pulling it off for real would've been pretty tough with camera angles and all. But if this wasn't real, it definitely makes us wonder how many other things on The Bachelor are embellished to make for decent TV.

Gasp! There's no way the majority of the show is fake, is there?!? And there's absolutely no chance that producers call most of the shots as far as who The Bachelor keeps and sends home each week, right?

(Nah. It's gotta be as authentic as "reality" shows get.)

Did you think the wedding crash was real?


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