'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Is Kim Richards Off the Wagon?

Kim Richards

Tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was absolutely brutal to watch. After a spate of apparent sobriety, Kim Richards spent the entire evening acting out. When Kyle Richards finally confronted her about this behavior, Kim admitted to taking a pain pill. Oy. I would have stopped to pour myself a drink halfway through, but that might have been in poor taste. 

Kim is going through a really rough time -- her ex-husband Monty is dying! All her chicks have left the nest! It's understandable that she would feel pressure and stress and that she could waver -- she is, after all, a human being (and known lover of turtles). It broke my heart to watch Kyle Richards' face as she put everything together. Then my broken heart turned into dust and finally mud when Kim took everything out on Kyle with a special violent assist ... from BRANDI GLANVILLE! DOOD! What the hell, girl?! 


Kyle and Kim have come so far! As Kyle herself remarked, they went from being silent and seething and full of secrets to being open and honest with each other! To see Kim go out of her way and violate that trust and take a massive step back (for whatever reason) has to be heartbreaking for Kyle. So her impulse to try and stop Kim and talk to her at the poker party, in a way, makes total sense. Buuuuuut when you're dealing with someone off their head on a substance, maybe wait until they've sobered up to try and make things square. 

As a big sister it hurt my heart to see Kyle so desperate to make sure Kim wasn't mad at her -- and to see her physically shoved away by Brandi. Like, Brandi, I get it, you've decided to be the font of all drama this season and the blogging community thanks you, but butt out! She had no right (let alone a reason) to get in between the two sisters. Frankly, she was enabling Kim's bad behavior! Just because someone's going through a rough time doesn't give them carte blanche to trash their own life! Clearly Brandi was well into her cups herself given the way she physically SHOVED Kyle out of the equation. Also, because of their squabble, a slice of pizza fell to the ground. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. YOU LEAVE PIZZA OUT OF THIS, LADIES. 

Why do you think Brandi got involved in the fight?


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