'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin Spends Way Too Much Money on Vacation

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Watching the second and final half of Kate Plus 8's vacation to Maine, I couldn't shake one thought: That is one totally freakin' expensive trip. I mean, I once visited Maine with my best friend for three days and that basically drained both our resources. I can't imagine ferrying eight kids (plus one friend) on such an adventure for financial reasons alone! I mean, Kate Gosselin. Girl. I get that you are squeamish about lobsters. But how much of a disposable income do you have?! She and the kids got freaked out about cooking the lobsters they caught themselves and decided to throw those lobsters back AND THEN BUY PRECOOKED LOBSTERS. Conversely, for my vacation, I stood in front of a toilet just flushing $20 bills. A good time was had by no one. 


Sure you can make the argument that they were all being humanitarians by throwing the lobsters back into the sea, but -- and I am a vegetarian, keep that in mind -- I am 90% sure that dropping a lobster two feet from the coast in a strange locale hours after catching it is pretty much a death sentence? That makes it even more wasteful! At least if they'd been killing the lobsters, they would have been using the poor little guys. I will begrudgingly admit that it was cool of Kate to go out of her way to introduce her kids to a food that she herself doesn't like in the hopes that they will be able to make their own judgment about it. 

Now that my lobster mockery is done, let me say that again, it was cool to see Kate be so laid-back. She trusted the kids with handling their own money when it came time to souvenirs! She really relished the tradition of ice cream for dinner! This new, laid-back Kate is a real treat to watch because she seems to enjoy her children in a way she never has before. That said, she might want to make sure she's not having so much fun that she blows the family's dollars on lobster and gummy worms. 

Are you a big spender when it comes to family vacations?


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