Jenelle Evans Puts Baby Kaiser in Yet Another Compromising Position

Jenelle EvansWill Jenelle Evans ever learn? Doesn't she know that she can't turn her life around without facing the constant judgment of other people for the rest of it? The Teen Mom 2 star was a terrible mother the first time around with now 5-year-old Jace, and while she's doing much better with Kaiser, she still can't seem to help putting him in unsafe positions.


Jenelle posted a picture to Instagram on Tuesday, January 20, and it has us a bit concerned with how she's raising her baby.

Someone took over our bed this morning �

Ein von Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) gepostetes Foto am

Why does she keep putting her infant in bed with lots of pillows and blankets? This is a big no-no for sleeping babies, regardless of whether they snooze in a crib, a bassinet, a playpen, or mom and dad's bed.

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And furthermore, why does she keep documenting it on social media? This is hardly the first time Jenelle and her fiance Nathan Griffith have been pounced on for compromising Kai's safety. Remember when Nate wasn't wearing him correctly? Or that time they put him in the Bumbo seat when he was likely too young for it?

It's like Jenelle loves to stir the pot or something.

While it's obvious an adult was present while Kaiser snuggled sleepily under the blankets (someone took the picture!), all it takes is a moment for things to go horribly wrong. Just one distraction in another room, which leads to another thing and then another, and before you know it, 20 minutes or more have passed ... which is more than enough time for an infant to suffocate on a pillow.

Jenelle has to be aware of the controversy she causes by posting these pictures. We hope that they're posed just for a second to snap a photo, but really, why risk it at all?

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan post these pics just to get a rise out of people?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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