Farrah Abraham Undergoes Another Lip Procedure & the Results Are Shocking!

Farrah AbrahamThank God that ordeal is over. A couple of weeks ago, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was the unfortunate victim of plastic surgery gone wrong, and she documented her "botched" lip injections on Twitter. Thankfully, she seems to have undergone another surgery, and her lips have (almost) returned to normal.


I say almost because at this point, what's normal for Farrah's lips? She's been messing with them for years -- not to mention her chin, nose, boobs, etc. Let's face it -- we have no way of knowing what "natural" Farrah looks like.

Yikes!! If there was ever an advertisement against plastic surgery -- this would be it. Even Lisa Rinna, who famously got her lips injected with silicone in the late '80s, had something to say about it. In a tweet she later deleted, the 51-year-old Melrose Place actress said, "I apologize for starting this s--t 26 years ago, please forgive me."

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It looks like everything is A-OK with Farrah's lips now, as the 23-year-old stepped out this past weekend looking relatively normal. At least at her mouth had returned to its normal trout pout status.

Farrah Abraham

Ahhh, much better, right? The reality star was hosting a night at The Scene Nightclub in Long Island, New York, meeting with fans and posing for pictures. It's hard to believe that those are the same lips that were so grotesquely swollen just two weeks ago!

While we hope that this mishap puts Farrah off plastic surgery for good, we kind of doubt it. But here's to hoping!

Do you think Farrah will ever quit it with the cosmetic surgery?


Images via Farrah Abraham/Instagram & Steven Henry/Stringer/Getty Images

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