'Bachelor' Star Ashley I. Proves She's Even Crazier Than Ashley S.

Ashley IaconettiWow, given what a nice, genuine, stand-up guy he is, you'd think the casting peeps over at ABC could've gathered up a better crop of women for poor Chris Soules to date as The Bachelor. Just when we thought no one could possibly be any crazier than Ashley Salter, last night Ashley Iaconetti all but confirmed that she not only wants to be a Kardashian, she legitimately believes she's their long lost sister or whatever.


No, you guys, you don't understand. This little obsession she has with the KDash fam goes way deeper than merely wanting to wear Kim-inspired looks to the rose ceremonies.

You know how her bio says she's a "freelance journalist"? Um, that's merely a fancy way of saying she has a blog. Want to know what the name of it is? Hint, it's a beauty blog. And it's called Duchess Kimberly and features all sorts of tips on how to look like a Kardashian on any given day of the week. No, seriously -- the byline on the site reads, "She's, like, literally the prettiest girl ever. Inspired by Kim, Kate, Kendall, and other beauty icons of the 2010s."

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(Are you fu***ing kidding me?)

Want more proof that she truly believes she was separated at birth from the gals? Check out the caption on this selfie she shared on Instagram:


Pulling a #kylie

A photo posted by Ashley Iaconetti (@ashley_iaconetti) onDec 19, 2014 at 12:05pm PST


OMG, people! I know we should probably give her a certain amount of respect for the virgin thing and all, but it's tough not to wonder if the fact that she hasn't had sex (or a boyfriend) has more to do with her being straight up nuts than it does with her moral beliefs!

For the time being, Chris seems to be lured in by her beauty and ... charm? But let's just hope he wises up and realizes that a farm is no place for a chick who doesn't leave the house without her false eyelashes. I mean, come on, do you think Kim would ever stoop so low as to shuck corn or milk a goat? (As if!)

Do you think Ashley I. is crazy?


Image via ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

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