'Bachelor' Recap: Jimmy Kimmel's Takeover Is No Match for Chris' Other Surprises

Chris Soules Jimmy Kimmel

Well? After watching tonight's episode, who else thinks Jimmy Kimmel should take charge of the dates on The Bachelor at least once every season? Even though fancy-schmancy dates with helicopters and shit are kind of standard on this show, you gotta love the fact that Chris Soules took Kaitlin to Costco tonight while a bunch of other chicks drank warm goat's milk and wrestled pigs. I mean, it's totally like real life this time around, you guys!


Seriously, Jimmy definitely brought an added element of fun this evening, though frankly, these gals are pretty successful at providing a decent level of entertainment without any assistance.

Um, can we please talk about the fact that in basically every other scene, Jillian's ass is being blacked out by the camera? I know this chick works out like it's her jobs and all, but my God woman, put on some freakin' pants, for crying out loud. (#StayClassy)

Oh, and who else had to restrain themselves after hearing Amber say she didn't want anything "warm and salty" in her mouth? I mean ... really?!?

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And then Ashley S.'s face when Chris gave Becca the rose on the group date was so priceless, wasn't it? Gah. Just when we thought she might actually be more normal than we expected, she pulled out the crazy again with a single facial expression.

(And don't even get me started on Ashley I., who legitimately believes she's a Kardashian. WTF? Chris ain't got time for that kinda crazy.)

I guess that brings us to Chris' one-on-one date with Whitney. Ugh. Yes, her voice is so annoying it's, well, pretty damn annoying. But for whatever reason, I'm digging her overall vibe -- and clearly Chris is too. Holy shiz, people! He's so smitten with her, I honestly don't know how he's even going to fake being into these other chicks! I half expected him to call Neil Lane and seal the deal right then and there. Oh come on, he's in looooovvvvvveee -- to the point where it even seemed to shock the hell out of him!

As for the other 145,704,967 girls he made out with prior to and after Whitney? Given that we're only three episodes in, something tells me we've only scratched the surface as far as seeing the ugly cry in all its glory goes. Next week looks all sorts of promising and then some.

What was your favorite part of tonight's episode?


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