'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Brown Sounds Stupid Talking About PMS

Kody Brown Sister Wives TLC

Oh, Kody Brown -- think before you speak! Or, at the very least, do a quick internet search. Tonight, a man with a television show dedicated to his life with four wives (Sister Wives) revealed that he believes PMS makes women "insane". Like his wife, Janelle Brown, I really wanted to get up and leave the table to go wait in the car. Actually, I wished that I was a pre-jail Teresa Guidice so that I could flip a table and yell "prostitution whore". Granted, this would be for no real reason, but I am sure it would upset Kody and that is reason enough for me to wish for it. Last week, he had a fight with his wife Christine, and this week, he refused to accept any responsibility for that fight. Instead, he assumed it had something to do with her being on the rag. Granted, one can hardly expect insight from a guy who hangs out in a basement chatting about the splendors of polygamy while polishing a pistol (thankfully, this is not innuendo). 


Look, as Christine herself pointed out, PMS is a thing. Hormones as a whole? A thing. But when your wife expresses anger and hurt over a decision you made to ignore her feelings and hangout with a man who undermines your family, you can be like "is your vagina bleeding?" That's just not acceptable! It's that sort of totally borked logic that keeps women from the presidency. Sure, women go through hormonal changes. You know who else does? MEN. GAH. 

I think Janelle deserves the first ever allotment of the Becca Stokes Thinks You Are Awesome award (awarded weekly, for awesomeness). She is so quiet when with the other wives that it can be easy to forget she's there. But the fact that she literally stood up and left the room when Kody spoke so ignorantly about women proved just how smart, tough, and savvy she really is. Women are more than our biology -- again, you'd think a guy with four wives would be hep to this now. But Kody is not hep, are you Kody?

Kody Brown Sister Wives TLC
(....the opposite of hep)

Yeah, that's what I thought. 


Do you think Kody is right about women and their periods?


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