'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Claudia Jordan's Killer Read Makes Nene Leakes Do Something UNTHINKABLE!

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This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, something happened that has never happened before and will never happen again: Nene Leakes apologized. I know, don the pearls you wear only for strategic and melodramatic clutching purposes. I, for one, had to pause the DVR to go and fetch mine from the basement vault where it sits beside the diamonds I wear when I am hungry.

But, before you break out the smelling salts you keep for swoon-worthy occasions such as these, let me be clear about one thing. Nene APOLOGIZED, but she in no way admitted that she'd done anything wrong to Claudia Jordan. That, my friend, is what we call a reality T.V. apology (trademark ME) and Claudia had ZERO TIME FOR IT. Pour yourself a pina colada, sister friends, because this noise got ROUGH. 


If you thought last week's dinner-table battle was awkward, the odds are high that you didn't make it through tonight's episode. I kind of can't blame you. Porsha Stewart was cackling like a Skeksis throughout and Nene's girl on girl crime was practically more than my own heart could take. But I stuck it out, because the dividing lines were officially drawn last week, with Claudia emerging from her cocoon to display her splendid reading wings. BOW BEFORE HER OR BE DEVOURED (I got my bugs mixed up there, but I feel my intent was clear).

skeksis dark crystal
(basically Porsha at dinner in Puerto Rico)

After having her ass handed to her (dis-wise), Nene realizes that she'd made a powerful enemy in Claudia and tries to make nice with her en route to Demetria "Remember Me I Paid For This WHOLE TRIP YOU ASSHOLES" McKinney. Claudia accepted Nene's apology -- to a point. But she wasn't willing to move past the blatant disrespect that had been heaved her way. She took this bus ride to call out Porsha for being a hypocrite as she is banging a man for shoes, bags, and cars. Porsha went from Skeksi to Fizzgig and was all:

fizzgig the dark crystal
(Oh Porsha)

It's about time someone called out Porsha for thinking she could laugh at everyone else's brutal verbal beat-downs and escape unscathed! Porsha is a follower to the core, and I'd bet my life (and apparent passion for comparing things to characters from The Dark Crystal) that before too long, she follows the power right to Claudia's side! 

End Note: If Kandi Burruss tries to have one more dildo-themed party this season we will have words. Having had two already she is well-passed the standard seasonal ration of none. 

Do you think Porsha will switch sides?


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