Jeremy Calvert's Sudden Move Shows Us How He REALLY Feels About Leah

Leah Calvert, Jeremy CalvertWe may still be all kinds of confused on the status of Jeremy and Leah Calvert's marriage, but given his recent move in the social media world, one thing is totally clear. The Teen Mom 2 star reactivated his Twitter account and immediately unfollowed his alleged mistress.


That's right -- Calvert505 is back online, although he hasn't tweeted anything yet. One of his last posts to the site was the one from last November that had us thinking for sure things were over between him and Leah. He tweeted just one word, the notorious "Done."

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Keen observers, however, will note that Adalynn's dad unfollowed Brittany Musick, the woman he was caught trading steamy text messages with. He even, um, reportedly sent her a picture of his junk. Because nothing turns a woman on like seeing pictures of your crotch (seriously guys, just stop doing this).

A source told Radar Online, "He deleted his account because he knew it had caused too much trouble ... Jeremy was drinking and tweeting without thinking of the consequences."

With all the rumors floating around that Leah cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd, Jeremy was bound to be stressing out and drowning his sorrows. But no good ever comes from drunk tweeting, you guys!

Anyway, it looks like things are getting ironed out between the two, and this move shows how much Jeremy is ready to forget the past few month and move forward with his beautiful wife.

Leah posted the above New Year's Eve photo of the two a couple of weeks ago, along with the caption, "I couldn't have imagined spending my New Year with anyone else! I love you baby."

Looks like they're both trying their hardest to work it out.

Do you think Jeremy made a good move unfollowing Brittany?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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