'Revenge' Star Nick Wechsler Talks Jack & Emily's Future & We Don't Like the Answer

No one knows the intricacies of Revenge's Jack Porter better than actor Nick Wechsler, so I thought for sure when I caught up with him at ABC's Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour he'd be gung-ho for Jack to finally find happiness ... with Emily. Let's just say his answer surprised me (even if he makes a very valid point).


How did you feel about Jack going into the police force this season?

They brought that up at the end of last season. One of our writers in particular came to me and said, I have this idea and wanted to run it by you, see if you’d like to do it. I told him, That’s cool. The idea that Jack would become a cop after he loses his wife and his brother at the hand of the same guy and he would go after Conrad and the Greysons from the inside, essentially what Emily’s doing but going about it legally -- that’s a great idea. I still think it would have made more sense at the start of last season but the explanation is that he was waiting because if he were a cop then and he knew Emily wasn’t done with her stuff, they would have put him in a position where either he would have had to arrest her or let her get away with everything.

David Clarke is back, Daniel is dead -- what has the vibe been like on set this season?

We all get along great so we’re all having fun. It’s always some mix of good and, Ah, I wish we did this. The longer you live in your character's shoes, the more you feel you know how they behave. When someone else is telling you how they behave, and they have a right to because they’re the writers, you think, No, that’s not what I would do. So there’s that.

With Daniel’s death, it feels like anyone could be on the chopping block. Do you feel that, too?

Yes, but I don’t worry about it too much for Jack, at least not yet. I don’t think they would do it … I feel like he’d last the season because he’s the carrot they dangled for so long that if they took it away now I bet a lot of people would stop watching. I bet a lot of people stopped after Daniel’s death. Even though, in fairness to the show and the writers, his character wasn’t necessary. He’s great and I didn’t want to lose him.

Do you think we can ever see a happy ending for Jack and Emily?

I can see it but I might not like it. She (Emily VanCamp) gets all mad at me about this but my point is, you’ve got to understand from this guy’s perspective, not me, but Jack, she doesn’t deserve him. She frankly does not deserve him. Yes, we want to root for them and it’s good that we do but there have to be consequences for her choices. If she gets to shit on him and choose revenge over him every time and have her lies affect his life in such a tragic way and then in the end he’s just like, I’ll date you, then what we’ve done is shit on this character and make him inhumanly dopey and provided no consequences. If they get together I hope it’s temporary and something happens and they break up or she loses him.

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