Tyler Baltierra Shares Bittersweet Update on Baby Novalee

Catelynn Lowell baby Novalee

The last thing they need to be concerned with right now is dishing out details about their baby to their fans, but man, who else is dying to hear more about how things are going for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra? Aside from being super anxious to see a picture of little Novalee Reign, we also just can't wait to find out how they are adjusting to parenthood and life with a newborn.


And based on a brief update that Tyler shared via Instagram, it's pretty obvious that baby girl Baltierra is giving her poor parents a run for their money.


OMG. Doesn't he look absolutely exhausted? No matter how many people tell you about the lack of sleep that comes along with having a baby, nothing can truly prepare you for it. It's a form of tired that you really can't describe unless you've experienced it, but fortunately for Catelynn, it sounds like Tyler is more than willing to jump in and help with midnight feedings.

(Take note, dads. Your wives appreciate that sort of thing more than you know.)

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But even though Tyler and Catelynn aren't getting too many z's right now, something tells me they're still enjoying every single moment with their new little angel, especially considering just how ready they were to welcome her into their lives.

Besides, the one benefit of sleep deprivation is that it makes the other challenges that go along with having a newborn kind of a blur. At least Tyler and Cate won't really remember the more difficult parts of being new parents!

Do you think it sounds like Catelynn and Tyler are adjusting okay?


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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