Chelsea Houska Reveals Another Girl Is in Love With Her Man! (VIDEO)

She's been kind of missing in action as far as sharing tidbits from her life on social media goes lately, but finally we have another clue as to how things are going between Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer. You guys? Just when we thought they couldn't possibly be any more perfectly suited for each other, Chel went and shared a video of Cole interacting with Aubree that is so damn adorable, we can't stop hitting replay on it over and over again. Get ready to absolutely SWOON over this dude.


She is soooo in love � haha @coledeboer

A video posted by @chelseahouska onJan 15, 2015 at 8:12pm PST


Um, who else is more than ready to marry him and have his baby if Chelsea isn't?!?

Good. GRIEF. The only thing sexier than a hot guy is a hot guy who is all sorts of sweet with your kid, so we can only imagine how much Chel melts when she sees Cole and Aubs together.

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It's so obvious that he genuinely cares for that little girl, and OMG -- she is totally enamored of him. Seriously, couldn't you listen to her giggles all day long? What a little doll baby. (Bet Chel never thought she'd have such stiff competition!)

Even though sources indicate that Chelsea and Cole are taking things slow and won't be getting engaged any time soon, let's hope they don't wait too terribly long to take things to the next level. We simply can't stand to even conceive of them ever being apart!

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