Truth About Jenelle Evans' Vacation Drama Is Worse Than a Soap Opera

Jenelle Evans
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OK, so we heard a rumor that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's vacation to St. Thomas last week wasn't all sunshine and roses, but we were not prepared for this. Someone on the trip got video footage of the Teen Mom 2 star and another guest taunting each other and getting into a fight!


It was supposed to be a dream trip, but the more we hear about it, Jenelle and Nathan's engagement trip sounds like a nightmare. Soon after Nathan popped the question, a family friend posted a shocking video of Jenelle in an insane fight online.

A friend a Jenelle's has spoken out to Radar Online regarding the incident, explaining the alleged circumstances surrounding it. The reality stars apparently planned the trip to celebrate the New Year, and as we know by now, Nathan proposed on January 6.

The insider dished, "When Jenelle first got there, everything was great. Her fiancé's friends Candace and Patrick flew in from Kentucky and met them there ... they're married. Nathan was in the military with Patrick."

OK, so far so good ... until Jenelle allegedly found out that Nathan had paid for their plane tickets. "It was like a free vacation for their friends," the source continued.

Unfortunately, the friends kept charging things to Evans' credit card -- not Griffith's. There was a "fine dining" charge on Saturday, and on Sunday, "They charged all of their drinks to Jenelle’s card. It was a $500.00 tab. And Jenlle paid for the engagement dinner they all went out to. It was $600.00 and no one gave her or her fiancé money towards it."

The source added, "Jenelle and Nathan also paid for all the taxi rides during the trip."

Enough was apparently enough for Jenelle, who requested that the hotel put a stop on her card. "They said they couldn't, because if you had a hotel room key, you could charge whatever you want," the friend revealed.

"Jenelle texted [Nathan's sister-in-law] Paula," the insider continued. "And she informed Paula that her card was on the hotel room and ... to please not charge anything. Paual responded with a nasty text ... Jenelle asked her to stop, and informed her that if she didn't, she would have her escorted out of the trip. Paula responded with another nasty text."

So Jenelle went back to the room with hotel security. "When she got inside her hotel room, she asked Paula if she was ready to go. That was it," said the friend.

They continued, "[Paula] flipped out and yelled at Jenelle that she didn't deserve her kids, she would make sure she never got custody of her son Jace back, and that she would make sure Jenelle lost custody of her and Nathan's son, Kaiser. Then, [Nathan's brother] Noah got involved and started yelling with her that he would let Paula 'beat Jenelle's a**' and that 'Jenelle deserved to get her a** beat' and 'didn't deserve her kids.' They kept dogging her.”

"Nathan’s brother, Noah, [a veteran], started making comments about Jenelle's son and how no one ever loved Jenelle," the insider revealed. "She got pi**ed and said something along the lines of, 'You know what? I wish you died in combat.' Jenelle also mentioned she heard his best friend died in combat. She didn't get to even finish speaking before Noah tried to attack her, attempting to run through security. This was after Paula had already tried the same thing!"

Ugh -- what a mess! Apparently they're all trying to work it out, but people are hurt on all sides. This video is certainly damning to Jenelle, who shouldn't say something so terrible as this, but geez -- girlfriend is known to have a temper -- you can't go poking a hornet's nest and act shocked when you get stung.

Of course we don't know if everything else this friend claimed happened actually happened, as we only have this short video clip, but if it did, it sounds like all parties need to apologize.

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