Chris Soules Makes Surprising Admission About Being 'The Bachelor'

It's next to impossible not to root for Chris Soules finding love on The Bachelor -- the guy is just so darn likeable. And while a few of his choices over the past couple of weeks have been questionable, the down-to-earth farmer appeared to have a very level head about the whole thing when The Stir caught up with him at ABC's Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour party.


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Just as handsome and endearing as he is on TV (and yes, I may be geeking out just a touch), Chris fills us in on whether he has any regrets, who he watches the show with, and the toughest part of the whole process.

Who watched the first two episodes with you?
Honestly, I watched the first episode alone. Then I watched it with my parents after that. They actually give me a preview, which is nice. So I watched it alone because I wanted to absorb it and see if this was something I wanted to watch with my parents! It was great so we watched it together and enjoyed it. Honestly, I'd prefer to watch it alone in most cases.

What was the difference in the questioning from producers when you were auditioning to be a contestant as opposed to becoming The Bachelor?
The questioning going into The Bachelor centered more on what I'm looking for in a woman. They already knew who I was, they knew my values, and they liked those things already. It's more what I was looking for and what types of dates I want to be on and how I want this whole thing to play out. There were a lot of fun questions to talk about and think about.

Do you feel it's beneficial to be a contestant on the other side first?
Absolutely. There's no way I could have done this whole entire journey justice if I had not been on the women's side of the ball game because I feel it helped me console them. It's hard. It's hard to date one guy with so many other women vying for his heart. That's emotionally difficult. So knowing what they're going through and being able to help talk them through that at certain point. There are girls I'm starting to fall in love with and they're falling in love with me and I don't want them to leave because they can't handle it. So me being able to walk them through that, that this is okay, that you're feeling things that I felt and this is what you need to do. There's no way it would have been a fair ball game if I hadn't gone through that.

Mentally, how do you prepare for that? Is Chris Harrison the only person you can talk to?
That's the hardest part -- not having family around for the most part. I did confide in Chris Harrison a lot and we had a good connection and get along really well. It was nice to have him involved. It's still not like having that family support system you're used to in your life. That was probably the most challenging part. It was very emotional.

After seeing the first two episodes, was there anything you would change?
I really can't say that. Obviously people gave me a hard time about Tara being drunk, but the one thing that wasn't shown was we had a really great conversation before she was drunk. She's a great girl. I think people saw that in the second episode -- now they give me a hard time for sending her home. But I really don't -- I did the best I could. There's no right answers to those first few weeks. I'm just doing the best I can.

Who do you think is the best match for Chris?

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