Jenelle Evans Slammed for Putting Baby Kaiser's Health at Risk

Jenelle Evans

All Jenelle Evans has to do to incite Internet rage is to post a picture on social media. Extra special hate if said picture includes her and Nathan Griffith's 7-month-old son Kaiser. The Teen Mom 2 star posted a picture on Thursday, January 15, and was immediately slammed for putting her baby's health at risk.


Jenelle posted this picture of her and Kaiser snuggling, and you won't believe what some commenters had to say about it.

Cuddle monster today. �

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If you're thinking Jenelle looks a little green around the gills, it's because she is. Homegirl is sick. On Wednesday, Jenelle tweeted that she has the flu!

Now she's obviously a terrible person because she's deliberately spreading her germs to her baby! Or maybe she's just too dumb to know that sickness spreads?

One of the comments reads, "Oh pssst. The flu is contagious," while an even more accusatory one says, "a loving mother or ANY kind of mother at that wouldn't be breathing in their babies face with the 'flu.'"

Sweetness! Seriously, what the hell else is she supposed to do with her infant while she's sick? Are these people not moms? I must've missed the magic hot line number they give to all new moms where they send a nanny for free to your house to care for your children every time you need to call in sick.

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Besides, who says Kaiser isn't sick too? Maybe she even got it from him. If they have the same bug, it doesn't really matter, does it? If they're going to be miserable together, they might as well cuddle.

And geez. Maybe she could find someone to help her, but Jenelle just got back from her engagement trip in St. Thomas. Not only has she probably used up all her babysitting goodwill, she missed her baby and wants to be around him. Can't blame her one bit for snuggling her little man -- sick or not.

Do you think Jenelle is putting Kaiser at risk here?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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