Chris Harrison Makes Startling Revelation About Andi Dorfman's Split From Josh

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Even though the dust has settled a bit after the news came out that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray ended their engagement, we're all still super curious as to what really happened between them, especially since the breakup seemed so sudden. But it turns out their relationship wasn't just a mystery to Bachelorette fans, but also to the host of the show. Chris Harrison broke his silence on Andi and Josh's split, and what he had to say comes as kind of a surprise.


He told TV Guide:

I had no clue. The only thing was that I felt [they] were a little off, but... they seemed happy and played the part. By no means did I know they were broken up and did that interview because honestly, having been through a crappy breakup, I would've protected it more and stayed away from wedding talk and I wouldn't have put them on the spot. That had to be horribly uncomfortable and awkward knowing they were probably going to break up. I was surprised, considering everyone seemed good on Monday. I hope Andi will sit down with me whenever the time is right for her because I'm interested [to know what happened]; it felt sudden to call it quits. But I hope people give them a break.

Whoa. Can you honestly believe that he had no clue anything was amiss between them until the night of the premiere? Maybe it was all for publicity, but he did seem like he was pretty chummy with the two of them, so it's kind of odd that he found out about their breakup at the same time as the rest of us.

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Man. You have to feel a little bad for Chris, given that he put Andi and Josh in the hot seat without realizing they were basically hours away from spilling the beans about calling off the engagement. (Holy awkward.)

On that note, who else still thinks there's more to this breakup than meets the eye? I mean, why on earth would Andi and Josh have bothered to attend that premiere together, only to turn around and go their separate ways right afterwards?

Something's fishy, alright.

Are you surprised that Chris did not know about the breakup?


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