'Walking Dead' Trailer Has a Glaring Omission -- Let's Hope He's Dead (VIDEO)

Walking Dead season 5 midseason trailer

The Walking Dead returns from hiatus on February 8th, and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s juuuuuuuust about time for AMC to issue a maddeningly vague mid-season trailer that reveals exactly NOTHING while hinting at EVERY-MOTHER-EFFING-THING so we can all get our zombie-printed panties in a twist. However, the network went a step further by publishing two tasty trailers, both of which are missing one very important character. If you’re all caught up on season 5, let’s take a look and speculate what they're trying to tell us.



Here’s the first one, solemnly titled “Surviving Together”:

Oooh, spooky spooky. Look at the gang all reunited in order to wage war on some unseen foe. Are they fighting walkers, or something else? And by the way, where’s Carl? Maybe he’s in the other trailer? No?


Carl? CARL???? Goddammit Carl where are you, the Internet is TOTALLY sick of your shit.



Don’t worry about too much about the old pudding-gorger, since he had this reply to a fan’s breathlessly mistyped question of “WHY ISNT CARL IN THW TRAILOR” (heh. That's almost as fun as listening to the Serious Voiceover Guy pronounce "February"):

well i had bought tickets to go to boston to see [girlfriend] hana and they had scheduled the shooting of that to not be on those days, but norman had a convention on the day that the trailer was going to be shot, and i guess they wanted norman more than me so they switched the days and told me about it like 3 days before they shot it.



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Anyway, what do you think of the trailers? Are you excited to see the rest of the season?

Image via AMC

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