Jeremy Calvert's 'Other Woman' Issues Stern Warning for Leah Calvert

Leah Calvert, Jeremy CalvertJemery and Leah Calvert seem to be on again, after months of of rumors and speculation that they were absolutely over for good. He moved out and allegedly had a fling after she allegedly cheated on him -- it seemed pretty done. But alas, the heart wants what it wants, and the Teen Mom 2 stars seem to be trying to work out, and Leah is getting some advice from an unlikely source -- Jeremy's Other Woman.


Brittany Musick reported late last month that Jeremy and Leah were trying to work it out, and that she was no longer in contact with him, after the two exchanged some steamy text messages -- including a picture of his junk. (Reportedly.)

Now Jeremy's former fling has taken to Twitter again to issue a strong warning for Leah, that she's the one who needs to "stay faithful."

A fan recently tweeted to Musick that Jeremy needs to refrain from cheating if he wanted things to work out in his marriage, and Brit replied, "He? lol she does."

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The fan wanted to clarify that she was the one Jeremy was caught sexting with, and she replied, "yes! When they was separated. [sic]" She continued, "[Leah] cheated on him when they was together. Me and him just talked online ... She needs to stay faithful too."

Of course she's referring to the alleged affair between Leah and her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd. Long time Teen Mom fans will recall that this is the high school boyfriend she once cheated on Corey Simms with.

There's been no admission this time around -- Leah has denied the cheating rumors since day one, and honestly, we thought she was in some sort of denial about her marriage being over until she posted pics of her and Jeremy together on New Year's Eve.

Well, no matter what's happening over in the Calvert house, we hope that Leah and Jeremy are happy, and if they decide to work it out that they both remain faithful -- no matter where the advice comes from.

Do you think Brittany Musick is just trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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