'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Is Brandi Glanville REALLY Taking Her Ex to Court?

Brandi Glanville Beverly Hills

Oh man, so -- tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville made it totally clear that she has no time for her ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian's antics. And by antics I mean his demands that she give him dollars...conveniently being made after she's written a super successful book and launched a career of her own (albeit it one characterized by her general, uh, insanity). It's easy to try and portray Brandi and the "woman scorned" who has nothing but ill will for Eddie and his new wife, a sentient potato who can yodel. But honestly? I just don't think it's true. I think Brandi means it when she says she wishes Eddie well -- because Eddie doing well means her boys are doing well and say what you will about Brandi (and say it loud and often to me in the comments, even) but she takes her job as a mom very seriously. 


Was it the most mature thing on the planet for her to invite her friends over so that they could watch Eddie's new show and mock it? Absolutely not. But I defy any one of you not to do the exact same thing should your cheating fool of an ex suddenly get a T.V. show. If your ex is on a bad reality T.V. show and you're already a T.V. star yourself -- Brandi had no choice! Basically she watching it for work. Not unlike I was watching her watching it for work. Layers upon layers. Time is a flat circle, etc. 

Brandi was pretty kind about the show, letting her friends shred it to pieces. I'll be real girl, I watched it too and your show is significantly better. Also I believe Eddie Cibrian is simply a penis with dimples and eyes and you got the better end of that deal, in my humble estimation. ANYWAY, Brandi was saving her real beef for her coffee meeting with her lawyer where she made it totally clear that she has no intention of just bowing down to Eddie's demands. Although her lawyer tried to soothe her, it's clear Brandi has no issue taking Eddie to court if that's what it takes -- she said as much! She even flashed one of his child support checks! If I was Eddie, I'd be careful and try to play nice. Brandi's got no issue airing out their grievances in public. 

Do you think their fight will make it to the court room?


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