'Kate Plus 8' Season Premiere Recap: The Way Kate Gosselin's Changed Will Shock You

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Tonight, Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight returned. I, for one, was bracing for the storm of tears, expletives and Kate's notoriously short fuse. I braced in vain! On the season premiere of Kate Plus 8 the self-described single mom packed up all of her kids (and one extra friend!) to take a week-long vacation in Maine. When I travel all by myself it's exhausting, I can't imagine rallying eight kids to the task of packing, let alone flying across the country. That's where things got surprising. We've seen Kate totally melt down when traveling with all of the kids in the past, but this new version of Kate is mama at her best. Without losing her dry sense of humor or goofiness, Kate kept her cool and kept everyone under control without raising her voice. I swear to you, my dog was actually sitting and listening to her attentively. The woman is full of voodoo and I like it. 


Anyone who has followed the Gosselin clan knows that Kate can, at times, put on a fake front for the cameras. What was so refreshing about tonight's episode was how totally genuine Kate seemed -- and happy! When three of her little girls devolve into a screaming match over who gets to sleep where in the beach house, rather than bark out a solution, Kate just grins, tells the girls to figure it out and walks away. Let us all stand up and do a slow clap like this is a sports drama and Kate has just made the winning play -- because as a parent, she kind of just did.

Kate's unlocked the secret to having fun with her kids: She's learning to listen to them AND to trust them to resolve issues among themselves. Kate's always been a busy mom, and she's always provided her brood with tons of fun activities to do be it on vacation or while they're at home. But when she settled down with the kids on an unexpectedly rainy vacation day to paint? It really seemed like she was able to be fully in the moment and enjoy the time they were all spending together. It's great to see this side of Kate that's always been trapped beneath the surface, hidden by the stress of having so many young child and the discord caused by her marriage. 

Do you think Kate has changed?


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