MTV's 'Teen Mom 4' Is Reportedly in the Works as We Speak!

MTV's Teen Mom 3 may have gone belly up after only one season, but that doesn't mean the Teen Mom franchise in general isn't continuing to gain momentum on the airwaves. In fact, the most recent crop of 16 and Pregnant girls have been so dramatically watchable that Teen Mom 4 is reportedly in the works!


I mean, how could they not, after the hot mess of girls and parade of Adam Lind-wannabe baby daddies that was the latest season of 16 and Pregnant? Geez, we thought Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood, and Leah Messer had issues. Let's not even talk about Farrah Abraham. I just can't even go there these days.

Teen Mom Junkies reports that "MTV is going ahead with a Teen Mom 4 because the girls from this latest season had so much drama and there is a sudden resurgence of interest in the franchise."

You know, like getting pregnant after a one-night stand, being in love with a pot-head baby daddy, escaping drug-addicted parents ... and as seen on the reunion special, one of the "success" stories, Jordan Cashmyer, mother of Genevieve, became a stripper. A girl's got to work? Well, better than becoming a porn star, I suppose (*cough* Farrah *cough*).

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It actually makes sense that the girls are coming from more and more messed up situations. Even though MTV claims that the show has had a direct impact in lowering rates of teen pregnancy through its advocacy for safe sex, it doesn't change the fact that teens who do get pregnant want to be on the show.

They've seen the celebrity it can bring, and well, they want a piece of it. The network has reportedly even starting reaching out to hospitals to find pregnant teens in super unique situations, and they've restructured the way the girls will be compensated.

There's no confirmation yet that this is actually happening, but one thing's for sure -- if it does, it's likely to be the most drama-filled group yet.

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