'Bachelor' Star Ashley S. Is Hiding a Secret That's Crazier Than She Is


Ashley Salter

Good. GRIEF. After watching last night's episode of The Bachelor, who else is still scratching their head over why in the hell Chris Soules kept Ashley Salter, who came off as nothing short of full-blown bat shit crazy on the group date? Seriously, people. Her behavior while attempting to hunt down (fake) zombies was so freakin' bizarre, it was almost uncomfortable to watch, to the point where we half expected an ambulance to pull up to the scene and promptly put her in a straight jacket.


We were sure Chris would kick her to the curb immediately, but for whatever reason, he's giving her one more chance to prove her sanity, which means he must see something normal in her that the rest of us don't.

But after doing a little bit of digging around to find out who, exactly, Ashley is, it looks as though she might be even more mysterious than we thought.

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Here's the scoop. Her ABC bio indicates that she's from Brooklyn, and that she works as a hair stylist. But according to Reality Steve, Ashley actually hails from Atlanta, and is an assistant controller at Lynx Chemical Group. (Hmm. Wonder if she's ever bumped into Andi and/or Josh?)

And after scrolling through her Instagram page, it's obvious that Ashley is super close to her family.


@jennysanfordsalter @chrisalter @nsalter17 @salterkk

A photo posted by Ashley Salter (@absalt) onJul 8, 2014 at 7:31pm PDT


Aww. They look like such a tight-knit bunch!

Oh, and she's super active and outdoorsy, you guys. From sailing, to skiing, to running, to ... golfing with celebrities, it's clear that Ashley isn't much of an indoor gal.


Breckin Meyer and I hitting balls

A photo posted by Ashley Salter (@absalt) onSep 15, 2014 at 11:50am PDT


(Hmm. Breckin looks a little afraid. Just sayin'.)

Yep. By all accounts, Ashley looks like a totally cool, perfectly normal, completely level-headed non-crazy, chick, so what gives?!?

You see where I'm going with this, right? Exactly. She's pulling a fast one not only on Chris, but on the rest of us watching The Bachelor from the comfort of our own couches.

She's not insane at all people! In fact, she's far from it, and is obviously putting on an act in the hopes of making sure she's the woman that everyone is talking about this season, regardless of whether Chris winds up falling for her or not. (Genius, I tell ya!)

Oh come on, don't you think every other member of the cast will be dying to put her in the hot seat at the "Women Tell All" special?!? The next best thing to being The Bachelor's lucky lady is to be the chick everyone hates and/or thinks is nuts, so if nothing else, Ashley's run on the show has definitely made her a household name among fans.

On that note, let's hope it takes Chris a few more weeks to notice the crazy train. She's way too entertaining to say goodbye to this early on in the show.

Do you think Ashley is truly crazy?


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