'Bachelor' Recap: Chris Soules' Shocking Decision Leaves Us Seriously Worried

Chris Soules

Huh. Just when we thought the new season of The Bachelor couldn't possibly unleash the crazy in these chicks any more than it already has, episode two aired tonight and OMG -- who else thinks Chris Soules should just throw in the towel and run for the damn hills? Um, minus a few very cool exceptions, these gals are cray-cray, like on a level that no other Bachelor has ever seen before.


While Chris' first group date tonight was relatively routine (other than the women walking through the streets of downtown LA in their bikinis), the second group date? O-M-G!!!!!! Can we please take a minute and talk about the nut factor that is Ashley S.?!?

I mean, is she really that out of it, or was she simply trying to get into the whole zombie character thing? Since the season just kicked off, I feel like we should probably give her the benefit of the doubt, but she just seemed so ... insane?!? (I'm scared. And obviously Chris was too.)

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Anddddd, I guess that brings us to the whole "Ashley I. is a virgin" thing. More power to her for being so candid about the fact that she hasn't done the dirty. (And the other chicks are right. Chris will dig it.)

Aside from Ashley's virginity -- OMG, how epic was Jillian tripping at the rose ceremony when Chris actually intended to give a rose to Juelia? Poor gal. (But at least he still gave her one after the fact.)

But then, just when we thought things couldn't get any more bizarre, Chris gave Ashley S. a rose and we're all -- what the f***?!? We know you're a nice dude, Chris, but you'll be lucky if you don't wind up waking up in the middle of the night to find this chick standing over your bed with a pair of scissors. (Sad, but true.)

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but so far, this season has more than lived up to its standards in terms of the pure entertainment factor.

If things were this bizarre on episode two, it should definitely give us high hopes for the rest of the journey.

Are you enjoying Chris' season so far?


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