'Mad Men' Cast Drops Major Hints About Series Finale

The original cast members of Mad Men gathered together at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour to not only take a trip down memory lane about the iconic series, which will take its final bow this Spring, but also to tease what is promised to be the most epic of series finales. We were there, and learned quite a few things that left us almost speechless ... and counting the days to the beginning of the end for this beloved series.


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Here's what the tight-knit cast had to say:

1. When the Mad Men finale script was delivered to the series' stars, it was incomplete. January Jones remembers:

The last, like, 10 pages weren't there which was really F'd up. We had to learn about it later.

2. Many TV stars are happy to put their characters from long-running series to rest, but Jon Hamm isn't one of them.

There's no version of this ending that is not super painful for me, and mostly it's because of these people (the cast and crew) because they've been the single constant in my creative life for the last decade. So that's kind of tough. And, yeah, I will be happy when the shows air and I won't have to fake like I don't know how it ends or make up some ridiculous story about robots or zombies or something. But I will never be able to have this again, and that's a drag.

3. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner says he used the show's final seven episodes to advance the story in what he considers a different way.

I didn't want to leave anything on the floor, and the writers, we were sort of saying, like, 'We know where we want it to go. We're going to have to really, really, sort of in a first season way, focus on our main people.' The other thing that happened, and I think it was not intentional but it kind of worked out this way, the last seven episodes, each one feels like the finale of the show.

4. The final script made January cry, and cry, and cry.

It was very emotional. I kind of knew a little bit of what was going to happen in the last script, but it was...I mean, the whole last few weeks I was just a mess pretty much. Everyone will tell you. Anything made me cry. So it was hard. It's a beautiful story. It's perfect in a way, and I read it over and over. I didn't want it to be the last time. So sometimes I still read it every once in a while...on a Thursday afternoon.

5. Christina Hendricks was shocked by how happy she is with the ending.

I was pleased. I thought, there's no way I can be happy because it's ending. So there's no way I can be happy, and I'm not sure why, I mean, I know why I felt that, but I'm pleased every time I get one of the scripts. But then I thought, you know what, that makes sense. And I guess I was surprised.

The first of Mad Men's final seven episodes airs Sunday, April 5, at 10 PM on AMC.

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