'House of Cards' Season 3 Trailer Is Devilishly Intriguing & Creepy (VIDEO)

house of cards season 3Hooray for Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, depressing-and-messed-up-but-well-acted series fans, House of Cards season 3 is almost here! After a very, very well deserved win by Spacey at the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 11, those of us who love the Netflix series are more pumped than ever to see Frank Underwood take on Washington, DC. And Hollywood. As Spacey quipped in his Best Actor in a Television Series speech, "This is just the beginning of my revenge." Hahaha, oh Kevin. You are the man.


On top of that news, a brand-new trailer was just released for the third season, and it looks like there's plenty more in store for these characters that we love to hate.

Obviously, not much is revealed about what's going to happen, but we should all be slightly nervous for the future of the United States of America now that Frank and Claire Underwood are running the country. (Oops, spoilers.) Looks like Frank may have made a new enemy, who grabs Clarie's face and kisses her as Frank is standing right there in front of them. You can also see glimpses of lots of protests, and no doubt Frank wants to just push all of them in front of a train to shut them up and get rid of them. Of course, the best is when we see flashes of Frank and Claire doing what they do best: conspiring and looking really good doing so.

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Because, after all, "we're murderers, Francis," Claire notes. He then responds, "We're survivors."

Check it out:

Of course you wanted to know what that creepy song was playing in the background, don't you? It was "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums" by a Perfect Circle, which just ups the tension throughout the entire trailer.

Looks awesome. The full season 3 of House of Cards will be released on Netflix, so get your binging mentality ready, on Friday, February 27.

And now for the man himself, more than happy to win a Golden Globe for this role, who goes from funny to dropping an f-bomb to telling one of the most poignant stories of the night:

Amazing speech, right? Maybe Kevin Spacey should run the country? Who's with me?

Are you a House of Cards fan? What are you most looking forward to seeing?


Image via Netflix

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