Jenelle Evans' Dream Vacation Suddenly Becomes a Nightmare!

Jenelle Evans, Nathan GriffithTrouble in paradise? If you've been following Jenelle Evans on social media this past week, you know that the Teen Mom 2 star has been living it up in St. Thomas with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith. The two even got engaged last week! But now one of the "friends" they've been partying with has come clean on what it's really been like to vacation with Jenelle and Nathan, and apparently all is not as peachy-keen as it seems.


Just days ago, Instagram user candy3pat was posting selfies with Jenelle, saying how happy she was to be a part of her engagement dinner, but things have apparently gone downhill quickly.

Apparently this chick got sick of the way Jenelle and Nathan were acting and treating them, so she took to the comments section in her Instagram to completely rip them to shreds.

According to The Inquisitor, Candy revealed that the trip has been terrible, Jenelle and Nathan have done nothing but fight, and there may have even been requests for sexual favors as reciprocation for Nathan footing the bill for dinner. Holy crap!

Screenshots of the comments from Candy read, "This trip has been awful. Worst trip of my life ... Jenelle and Nathan have fought the whole time on a level to which I've never seen before in my life ... they have got into fights with all of us over them being rude and stupid." The comment also mentioned that Jenelle kicked something belonging to Nathan!

"MTV paid for our dinner and we said we would pay for it, but Nathan kept saying he would pay for it ... which he's the one who picked out the most expensive restaurant here," she continued, adding that Nathan asked for oral sex to return the favor!

"And when we got to (the) taxi, he said hey since I paid for dinner how about everyone suck my d**k," she shared. She ended her rant with a promise of more to come, saying, "Just wait because I have so much stuff to say about the proposal and the trip. FAKE ASS everything."

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OMG! We know that Jenelle and Nathan can fight like the best of them, but this is supposed to be a happy trip! Or maybe this chick is making it all up. Who knows? One thing seems to be clear though -- this friendship is over.

Jenelle took to Twitter Monday morning after learning the news and responded, "Idk why she is. We have been sleeping and haven't even spoken to any of them last night or today."

Later she posted this about cutting people off:

Sounds like some serious drama is going down in St. Thomas, and I really hope that Jenelle is just staying above the fray by not getting sucked into a social media he-said-she-said. She seems to be doing so well, it's awful to think it might all just be "fake."

What do you think about the accusations against Jenelle and Nathan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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